Storytelling Sessions at Dimples & Daisies

Our sunset and storytelling sessions are our most iconic, one-of-a-kind and breathtaking shoots that we offer. Taking place in three locations presently (although we are constantly scouting for more), these shoots are a must-have experience for everyone. We begin photographing just before the sun begins to set, to capture all the beauty of your family in a warm golden glow. Full styling guides and consultations are offered, for you and your family to get the most out of the evening. The images are all about capturing the close bond between your loved ones and the minute characteristics and actions of your little ones. While the kids play, mum and dad can have a romantic moment alone for some truly gorgeous shots in the romantic sunset light. The galleries invoke such raw emotion, and everything about the love shared between your family is shown, in a non-posed, natural way. If you’re looking for something extra special, we are now offering short films, which are available for pre-order when you purchase the top package. These films capture the moments of the evening, the small movements we miss as our littles grow older; the dancing, jumping, snuggling into you as the sun begins to set. An example is shown on the left. Scroll down to view the different locations and galleries we currently offer.

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Sunset on The Hill at Dimples & Daisies

Our sunset on the hill is one of the most iconic photoshoots we offer. The hill is absolutely stunning, landscapes stretch out as far as you can see. When the sun begins to set, it lights everything around in a warm golden glow. This shoots aims to capture the warmth and love shared between your family. We’ll bring the blankets, and we offer full styling guides and consultation for your family to feel the best that evening. It’s a truly gorgeous experience in some of the best that the British countryside has to offer.


Sunset on the Sand at Dimples & Daisies

Sunset on the Sand is one of our favourites! The ocean lights up as the sun sets, covering everything in a warm golden glow as the sea glitters as far as you can see. The kids love playing in the surf and sand, windswept hair and freckles shining through their skin. The beach is a place where we feel our most natural, inspired and energised selves. We just love watching your family bonding with one another, playing together, holding hands... Having soft evening snuggles in a golden glow. It’s a perfect evening, an amazing adventure and a great summery experience for your little ones!